About Us

About Us

Hi & Welcome to Little Did W3 Knew!

W2 (Nikhil & Sweta) have always been career driven people and have aspirations to make it all the way. All through our 11 years of marriage we have been each others strength and motivation.

In Jan 2017, Siya came in our lives ready to conquer the world and for us to start a beautiful and unknown journey in parenthood and become W3.

Trying to keep up with ever changing and overwhelming options to raise a kid in NYC can be a daunting experience. Little Did W3 Knew is a platform where we will share our little did we know experiences, different adventures and fun activities we do and tricks that we use to “TRY!!!” (trust me its not easy and we have failed many times) to  keep it all together with both parents having a demanding career (NIkhil-Investment Banker and Sweta-Management Consultant!! couldn’t get crazier!) and still want to be hands-on parents, just like our parents were or I should say are :).



Siya-Gupta Goel, “Siya” is a curious and adventurous toddler with the energy of an energizer bunny. She loves to read, to play any sports that incorporates her favorite ball (friends & family call her a natural athlete!!) and to  explore NYC!!

Little did W3 knew that someone so young can have such an independent personality and excitement to learn new things; her favorite words “Yeh kya hain” (What is this?). She stands true to her name; she is fearless, has an infectious smile, and has a kind heart.