Learn Nature’s radical transformation through art!!

Wowow finally some warm weather is here, and we officially feel it is Spring. So this was our inspiration for Sunday Funday activity; where we created a hungry caterpillar with beads that transformed into a beautiful butterfly using our footprint art.

Little did W3 knew that for a caterpillar to turn into a butterfly, it digests itself using enzymes triggered by hormones. Then, sleeping cells (similar to stem cells) grow into the body parts of the future butterfly. What a phenomenal act of nature!! I was always stun by the creation of a baby but this is equally fascinating. So to share this with my 16 month old and to keep her engaged we did 2 mini activities!!

Activity 1 – Reading Book

caterpillar storyWe read the “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” book by Marielle May. What I loved about it was it’s a quick read with lots of cute little pictures (this kept Siya engaged and she she saw some familiar pictures such as “Apple,” she said Ap Ap. Additionally, the author relates this amazing transformation from Caterpillar to Butterfly in a very simple and fun way.

Activity 2- Using art/craft to create the transformation

Supplies you will need

Caterpillar art Butterfly
1 pipe cleaner (we used green) Home-made paint – See “My paint is the yummiest!! ” for details
Few wooden beads of different size Craft paper
Blank Pen or marker

Activity A – Instructions to make Caterpillar art

  1. Take a green pipe cleaner, folding the last 1/2 inch over in a loop to stop the beads slipping off
  2. Push different color and size beads (get creative, you can use colors of caterpillar- red and green too) and get your little one put few of the beads.
  3. Once done close the other end of the loop and vola!! you have just made a hungry caterpillar!!(Siya was dangling it around showing her proud work :))

Activity B – Instructions to create magical Butterfly art with footprints

This activity is heaven for Siya as she loves her colors and enjoys getting messy with them.

  1. Mix some paint in a flat plate – Make sure the paint consistency is thick for better results.
  2. Put lots of newpaper or old rags before you place your child on a surface thats easy for them to stretch their feet.
  3. Dip their legs in the paint mix or you can also paint the sole of your child’s feet with the color. (This was definitely not a easy task with my little one :P)
  4. Pick up the craft paper and gently press each toe, middle and ball of each foot. Make sure you take the imprint of the left foot on the right side and vice-versa.
  5. Now, repeat the same exercise with the other foot. (our first attempt was not successful, so we tried it again)
  6. Now, use a marker to add antenna and the middle body of the butterfly.

Woow and you have created a beautiful very personal piece of art which you can also use as a Mother’s day present !!

P.S – If you have older kids then just let them paint their own feet with different colors or stand in the paint mix and make the imprint.


We also took pictures and made a card out of it using piccollage.





This activity was a lot of fun for us as we did 2 different types of activities using different mediums to learn a lot about caterpillar and its transformation into a butterfly. Now Siya points at her Caterpillar art work and the Butterfly picture when we say where is hungry caterpillar and beautiful butterfly respectively!!

What did you do with you kids this Sunday!! Do you have some fun art activities around this transformation please share them in the comments!!

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