Rendezvous with the ocean creatures

Keeping with the spirit of Earth day, we wanted to explore other living creatures that cohabitate with us and make this Earth so beautiful. My parents are visiting us, so I wanted our Sunday-Funday activity to  not only be  educational  but also be entertaining. Little did W3 knew that in the heart of Manhattan lies this revolutionary, immersive, and purpose-driven experience called National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey for not only your little ones but for the entire family.

Ocean Odyssey , an immersive walk-through adventure across the ocean from the South Pacific to the coast of California. It went beyond two-dimensional content especially when we were interacting with the playful sea lions, watching the massive whale, seeing the vicious squid fight in pitch dark; This experience transported us to the extraordinary deep-sea underwater destinations without leaving NYC or harming any animals. My parents had lot of fun with the interactive floor in the Solomon Islands; where they were tapping their legs and the fishes were reacting. What brought back some old childhood memories for Nikhil and me was a mirror maze, cleverly represented by a kelp forest.


The coolest part was Siya just kept saying “woow” and was in complete aww; her favorite was playing with the sea lions.


Encounter truly blends entertainment with science:  it’s was lot of fun, and we learnt a lot about conservation, sea animals, corals and how they die, food chain in the ocean and many more things about marine life. As a family we took a pledge at the Pledge Station to no longer use plastic and if we are using then use the ones made out of recycle plastic.

We came home and Siya grabbed her coloring tools so to always remind us of this amazing experience and the pledge we took; we created a whale sun catcher using some of her favorite colors and her creativity.

What did you do on Earth day!! Are there any Little did we knew things that you have discovered, feel free to share us and other readers!! Happy Earth Day from our family to yours.

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