Learning Fundamentals With Flashcards!!

My spring cleaning activity this weekend turned out to be our Sunday-Funday activity theme; Learning fundamentals with flashcards. I came across a stack of flashcards that were a lifesaver! for me to pass my college physic exam; in some sense tougher than raising globally responsible kids 😉.

So I thought, why not bring flashcards to Siya’s learning tool kit to learn US history; foundation to understand human story, and a crude way to understand the sacrifices our ancestors have made for our life today. I started researching what different kind of flashcards are available in this study area.

Little did W3 knew that there are theories and camps around flashcard learning for toddlers; some say babies taught with flash cards develop their senses of sight and hearing faster than other children and others say it the worst learning method. However, for us it’s always been about trying different things and seeing what works and what does not with Siya. We always believe that parenting is like a fingerprint; so unique but still looks similar.

US president I bought an inexpensive US President pocket flash card, you can either download it or buy it from amazon. These flashcards have large pictures and on the back have information about each of the US presidents and bonus cards that talked about key US history events.

To ensure Siya was enthusiast throughout the activity; we started small. Initially we only showed her 2 cards and repeated atleast 4-5 times and shared with her the back of the card information too; George Washington and Abraham Lincoln two completely different looking US presidents. The number of times you repeat a set will of course depend on your child. Follow your child’s lead and retire any category that he/she is showing limited interest. We extended our Sunday-Funday activity into Monday and added 4 cards and did the same exercise.


Flashcards really worked for  Siya because she enjoys enjoys visual and interactive learning. It not only helped us to teach her some fundamentals of US history but also maximize the benefits of repetition to improve memorization using right-brain philosophy.

For older kids you can always modify this activity by adding words and encourage reading skills or even create the flash card. Flashcard creation can be a great activity for older children that helps them learn how to go about building their own learning tools later in live. It is also a first step towards learning the material that will be covered with the flashcards.

Tips of flashcard creation:

  • Get your child’s input on a subject to study or explore
  • You can now get creative in the actual card creation process; you can either print off from the internet, if your child loves to draw they can draw, you can even get crafty by using magazine or newspaper cutouts.
  • On the other side of the flashcard you could write the word out and a one-line description.

Let us know how you spent you Easter Sunday with your kids and what fun activities and ways to teach have you tried!!

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